Yours truly had an hour long nerdgasm at 2ND AND CHARLES!

5990487887_aa8d27bcd6Recently, I had the pleasure to visit for the very first time an amazing phenomenon of a business establishment.  2nd and Charles.

The first thing you will notice as you approach 2nd and Charles is the bins outside with huge signs above them that say free.  Yes, you heard me correctly, free.  I wanted to dig through them furiously as if I would find buried treasure but we had neither the time, nor did my wife have the inclination so we ventured forth through the gates of what I will now call 2&C.6a00d83454d2de69e20133f49499a5970b-320wi

Once inside you will be immediately bombarded with a shock and awe campaign of awesome.  This location was putting its best face forward by starting you off with video games.  We are not talking about the latest Playstation or Xbox whatnot but real video games.  From the past video games, and the consoles to play them!  These great consoles that are designed to play up to three different systems on them called Retron!  This great invention was only $59.99 to boot!  2&C had two of these magic wonders set up at the sales counter with copies of Jackal and Pro Wrestling for the NES and U.N. Squadron for the Super NES.  I played them for 20 minutes!







After drying myself off I delve deeper into the guts of 2&C only to find an entire section of used comics and graphic novels.  Sometimes you just want to read some junk comics and these were extremely affordable.  2&C was offering a buy five get five free deal.  Near the comics section were also things like Heroclix and even two Warhammer 40k armies for sale in a glass case.  This place ran the gamut of nerdcore.

I’m going to wind this down before I start to look like a shil.  Beyond the comics was a good sized used book store and on the other side of the store was housed the used DVD’s, of which they carried a great selection.  I could easily walk in here with a $20 bill and walk out with some cool stuff, whether it be comics or books to read, movies to watch, or games to play.  I would highly recommend the experience to comrades and if you don’t have a 2&C in your area…