There’s going to be some changes around here!


Since its a new year I thought it would be good to put the blog on a regular schedule of original content.  I do sincerely apologize but my nine to five job had taken up considerable time in the fourth quarter and my little ol’ blog turned into a ghost town of updates.  That changes today!  So here is what I have planned.

1. Meme Mondays – If you know me personally then you know how much I love memes!  You’re probably already asking, how is this original content?  Well because these memes are going to be Robert Corrado originals.  That’s right.  I’m going to create a brand new meme using my own awful comedic style just for you.  I will be posting them here to the blog only and not directly to Facebook as I plan for them to be as offensive as possible whenever possible.

2. Written Word Wednesdays – I’m going to actually write something on Wednesdays.  Since I’m a writer I think I’m qualified for this.  We’ll see!  Typically it will be short stories posted here to the blog.

3. Film Fridays – I will be posting an original video each Friday.  I’m not going to promise high production values, script, acting, or even enjoyment on your part, but the content will be ORIGINAL.  That is what is important.

Please feel free to let me know what content you like, and even more importantly since this IS the internet, what content you HATE!  Enjoy my friends!



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