Something New For Those That Have Read The Fifth Column

I’m not going to apologize for my lack of updates because hey… I guy has to eat and my regular nine to five has been quite demanding.  That being said I thought of a fun little exercise I think we all can enjoy.  Keep in mind this will be a lot more fun for those of you that have finished my novel (hint hint).

The format is simple.  I’m going to throw out some actors that I think would be best to play the roles of the characters in the novel and you’re going to tell me if you agree or if you think I’m totally off.  I’ve got three entries for this week and I think if this proves enjoyable I can add more characters in later udpates.  Let’s see how this goes shall we?

Michael Pena as Roman Pulido: Up until recently seeing him in End of Watch, I thought Michael Pena only had comedy chops. I think the guy is a serious actor and could pull off a small cameo role like Roman Pulido very well. The scenes he would have would require some chops but he’s not going to have to carry the entire film.
George Clooney as Jefferson Silva: I think Clooney is perfect as the older veteran soldier. I think his confident swagger would make a good foil for the next entry.
Christian Bale image
Christian Bale as William Rache: We all know Bale can be brooding (seen any of the latest Batman films anyone?) He is perfect for this role with one possibly minor, possibly major problem. He’s getting almost too old for this role! Who knows what they can do these days with the magic of Hollywood though right?

What did you think of my picks? Agree? Disagree? Not quite sure because you have not read the book?  Get a copy at



2 thoughts on “Something New For Those That Have Read The Fifth Column

  1. I actually think your picks are excellent and I would never have thought of any of them on my own. but now, considering them in the roles I am hard pressed to think of better. Although I had pictured more of a Jason Stratham type for Rache.

  2. Ok, First, Rache:
    When I think of Christian Bale, he is exactly as this picture shows him. Clean cut, and well groomed. We know (those of us that have read your book) that Rache is none of these things. I would rather see Jim Cavieze as Rache. I can see him very scruffy, dirty, long greasy hair, and then slightly cleaned up towards the end.


    I love Michael Pena, and agree that he can now be good in a serious role. That is why I think it a shame to only use him for a few brief flashbacks. He needs a larger role.

    JMO, Karen

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